Edinburgh 2029: "This is life affirming stuff...." What you had to say about radical new city centre plans

Transport chiefs today revealed radical and highly ambitious plans to 'create a city centre that truly puts people first' - and Edinburgh has been reacting ever since.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 12:06 pm
An artist's sketch of what Princes Street might look like

The long-term strategy includes setting up a free hopper bus around the city centre, pedestrianising Waverley Bridge and extending the tram route to create a city loop - among many other things - as the council aims to cut city centre traffic by up to 30 per cent.

There also plans for Princes Street, Cockburn Street, Victoria Street and a stretch of the Royal Mile to be completely closed to traffic.

A new bridge could also be built for pedestrians and cyclists to link the Old Town and the New Town.

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As part of the blueprint, there are plans to construct four lifts, situated across the city centre, to help people access Edinburgh’s two levels with more ease.

The lifts will be provided from Market Street to the top of The Mound, Waverley Station to North Bridge, Cowgate to George IV Bridge and Grassmarket to Edinburgh Castle and will be used by cyclists and those with wheelchairs.

Some people didn't take to the proposals very well...

Roy McMillan said on Facebook: "Sounds great. Cue all the drivers up in arms!"

An artist's sketch of what Princes Street might look like

Graham Mclean wrote: "What about the present, fix the potholes, clean up the rubbish..so much to do now, Deal with it!!"

Colin McKay said: "Great for the tourists. What about the non-Airbnb residents? Glasgow's plan looks a hell of a lot better fir once. Actually built for much of the people of Glasgow."

Lesley Russell voiced her concerns over access for disabled residents and visitors, saying: "Hope something put in place for disabled to be able to visit Edinburgh."

James Petticrew was worried about the effect on residents, commenting: "The city centre will be a tourist Disney land which very few locals live in or visit."

Waverley Bridge could be traffic free

...while others welcomed the plans with open arms

Sandra Beattie commented: "We are a capital city which is getting busier year on year with tourists, we need to move with times. Most European cities do all of which is proposed. Good to see there is a vision."

Chris Young said: "This looks ace. Sooner the better!"

Ian Chard was sceptical about how many of the plans would come to fruition, but welcomed the creativity behind them, saying: "It’s great to see this kind of ambitious thinking for our city. Obviously, much of this won’t happen for one reason or another, but that’s fine: it’s more important to get people talking creatively about transport. I hope to see more of these proposals that get people thinking about what kind of city they want to live in."

Paul John Donnelly wrote: "Finally. Edinburgh is catching on. Hope it works"

@markcyclist wrote on Twitter: "This looks really positive if delivered correctly," while Gareth Dennis said: "This looks superb."

Lee Craigie added: "This is life affirming stuff. Of course not every detail is perfect but what plans like this point towards is that @EdinburghCC are putting the health and well-being of the majority over and above individual gain. Community focused and environmentally considerate #placemaking"

Councillor Adam McVey responded on his personal Twitter account, saying: "Tackling short term lets, driving up skills & pay in the industry, improving resident’s experience & sustaining our thriving economy all part of our proposed tourism policy."


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