Readers have their say on Edinburgh councillor's taxi expenses row resignation

RAGING readers of the Evening News have had their say after taxi expenses row councillor Lezley Cameron stepped down.

Sunday, 13th October 2019, 1:53 pm
Updated Sunday, 13th October 2019, 2:53 pm
Cllr Lezley Cameron

We reported on Friday how the Capital’s vice finance chief quit after we exclusively revealed she splashed £1,500 in two years - then had to be chased for council tax.

Now readers have taken to social media to post reaction to the Labour member’s resignation.

Lynne Fraser posted: “These mps, councillors are as bad as each other. Normal people have to manage,we have no option.”

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George Robertson wrote: “Despite the comment that we live in different times. We do not live in different times, Councillors and officials conduct should always be beyond reproach.”

Vasya Vd posted: “This is exactly what should follow and her constituents should become aware of how she handles her personal finances in respect of the public funds.

“Hope this would help to improve how the City allocates and finances public spending.”

Lee Noble posted on facebook: “Maybe if we had councillors that gave a damn about the community they are supposed to serve then we wouldn't have these career councillors that just want a cushion under their backside for a very long time.

“No wonder there is complete apathy towards this council and how it's run, Edinburgh's council has not had a main party majority for a long time so they are all just trying to screw each other up which in turn drags this city down all the while they approve more student accommodation and hotels and shopping centres.

“It's about time citizens of this city chose independent nominees in their areas to stand against these inherent bunglers.”