Easier to become citizen of Asgardia than Brexit Britain- Hannah Bardell

EU nationals are finding easier to become citizens of a new space state than Brexit Britain, ministers have been told.

Tuesday, 18th October 2016, 1:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:46 pm
The SNP's Hannah Bardell. Picture Neil Hanna
The SNP's Hannah Bardell. Picture Neil Hanna


The SNP’s Hannah Bardell of Livingston, citied the proposed nation state of Asgardia, named after the city in the skies from Norse mythology, as a more secure option.

Around three million EU citizens are awaiting to find out if they can remain in the UK, with the Government seeking to guarantee the futures of Britons living overseas as part of Brexit negotiations.

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The Asgardia project aims to create an independent nation which is a member of the United Nations and has its own government, embassies, flag and national anthem.

It bills its “essence” as “peace in space, and the prevention of Earth’s conflicts being transferred into space”.

Speaking in the Commons, Ms Bardell asked Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson: “Do you agree that due to the uncertainty created on the future of EU citizens living in the UK and this Government’s obsession with reducing immigration, it’s now the case it’s easier and more secure for EU nationals to become a citizen of Asgardia - a recently founded nation state in space - than it is to remain a valued citizen of a country where they have lived and contributed to for many years?”

Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan replied: “I think the issue of the fate of such people is rather more serious than the tone you have adopted in the House today.”

MPs also heard the number of Britons seeking to secure Italian passports is increasing following the Leave result at June’s referendum.

Tory Richard Fuller (Bedford) told Sir Alan: “Bedford is proudly the home to a large multi-generational Italian community who have relied on our own local honorary consul for the provision of their Italian passports.

“There has been a sustained and large increase in demand for Italian passports and the capacity of the Italian embassy, I’m told, is limited.

“May you raise this with the ambassador.”

Sir Alan replied: “There are in the UK, and especially in Bedford, a number of British nationals who are eligible for an Italian passport and have recently applied for one.

“That is a matter for the Italian government but I can assure you I will raise this with them as appropriate following your request.”