The Edinburgh Briefing podcast: what to expect from Scottish politics in 2020

What next for Scottish politics in 2020 - and beyond? That's the topic of this week's Edinburgh Briefing podcast.

Thursday, 26th December 2019, 11:16 am

Is indyref2 inevitable after the SNP won 48 seats in the election? Are Scottish Labour now irrelevant? And what will Boris Johnson's attitude to Scotland be now?

In a Boxing Day special edition of the Edinburgh Briefing, host Conor Matchett is joined by Labour MSP Daniel Johnson, Conservative councillor John McLellan and Angus Robertson, former SNP leader in the House of Commons.

They discuss the future for Scotland, and debate the merits of a second independence referendum.

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Former SNP leader in the House of Commons, Angus Robertson, joins Labour MSP Daniel Johnson, Conservative councillor John McLellan and host Conor Matchett.

Listen to the episode here - or search for ‘Edinburgh Briefing’ wherever you get your podcasts.

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