Edinburgh council leader’s fashion U-turn - for one day

Adam McVey has pledged to don the neckwear to raise money for charity. Picture: Jon Savage
Adam McVey has pledged to don the neckwear to raise money for charity. Picture: Jon Savage
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HE’S made a point of not wearing a tie despite his high-profile role representing the Capital.

Adam McVey argues traditional neckwear is far from essential in projecting an appropriate image of the city.

But for one day only, Edinburgh’s council leader has agreed to put on a tie – for charity.

Earlier this year Councillor McVey came under fire over his dress sense after he appeared in an open-necked shirt at the signing ceremony for the Edinburgh City Deal where all the other men were wearing ties.

Norman Tinlin, secretary of Fairmilehead community council, wrote to him expressing his “disgust at your attire”.

Mr Tinlin, who was acting in a personal capacity, added: “I have found in my experience that those that are casual of dress are casual of mind.”

Cllr McVey, who became Edinburgh’s youngest council leader – and the first Scottish Nationalist to hold the post – after the council elections in May, said at the time he was 
always happy to take fashion tips. But he insisted: “My suits, shirts and jumpers will not build the new homes we need or improve the life chances of a single person in the Capital.”

However, he has now signed up to 1000 Faces, an initiative run by Radio Forth’s Cash for Kids charity, which encourages people across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife to raise £100 by the end of 2017 through their own unique fundraising drives.

He will wear a tie for one day in return for donations from fellow council members.

He said: “I’m delighted to be helping Cash for Kids raise vital money to support young people here in the Capital.

“I’ll be wearing a tie for the day to raise money which shows just how much of a worthwhile cause I think it is.

“I will wear it some day when I’m very public – perhaps at a full council meeting – so they get their money’s worth.”

Perhaps surprisingly, given his views, Cllr McVey will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting his neckwear.

“Although I don’t like to talk about it, I have quite a number of ties,” he confessed.

“They’re all very nice and very well kept, as you can imagine.

“It might be difficult to choose, I wear them so rarely.

“I might give the selection to the person who donates the most money or something.”

Cllr McVey encouraged as many other people as possible to take part in the fundraising event too.

“It’s such a worthwhile cause, it’s worth doing painful things for – and wearing a tie will probably be more painful for me than all these painful things other people are doing like leg waxing or running marathons.”

Among others raising money is Edinburgh Northern & Leith SNP MSP Ben Macpherson, who has pledged to run the entire perimeter of his constituency
to raise money. He plans to broadcast the run live on Facebook on Saturday, November 18.

Almost 600 people have already signed up and raised nearly £40,000.

Cash for Kids has been 
raising money for children in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife for more than 30 years. It helps children who are disadvantaged through poverty, and who are sick or disabled.