Energy price cuts backed by Crockart

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EDINBURGH West Liberal Democrat MP Mike Crockart has welcomed the decision by more energy companies to cut their prices.

Scottish Gas and British Gas announced last week that its electricity prices were to fall by an average of five per cent with immediate effect.

The cut equates to an average saving of £24 per year for 5.3 million electricity customers across the UK.

EDF Energy said it was cutting the price of gas by five per cent from February 7. It said it was passing on falling wholesale prices to its customers.

Mr Crockart said the announcements brought a little relief at last.

He said: “This is good news for people struggling to meet the cost of utilities. We all know only too well the pressure that electricity and gas price increases have placed on households across the UK.

“With more than one in three households in Scotland estimated to be living in fuel poverty, these announcements are a step in the right direction to reducing that figure. I hope that other suppliers will follow the example and pass on cost savings to customers.”