Helen Martin: Fear of anti-semitism smear gags MPs on Gaza killings

I'M no major fan of Jeremy Corbyn. But the reports of him being an anti-semite (which has dominated UK headlines for months) is relentless '“ and nonsense.

Monday, 30th April 2018, 12:00 am
The idea Jeremy Corbyn is anti-semitic is nonsense, says Helen Martin (Picture: Getty)

Like many people – including some MPs who don’t always have the guts to openly admit it – he opposes the Israeli regime and its brutality towards Palestinians.

That does not equate to anti-semitism or loathing Jewish people.

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Yet, how much coverage have we had of the Israeli army shooting unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, killing dozens and injuring hundreds, including children?

MSP Tommy Sheppard wrote a fine column about that ongoing horror in the Evening News last week.

Hardly any continuing coverage of it from the Tory-loyal BBC, or the right-wing press – or even Corbyn’s MPs who are gagged by fear of being tarred with that same ridiculously alleged Labour anti-semite brush.