Holyrood, not Westminster, is acting like the grown-up '“ Deidre Brock

In that chaotic political theatre known as Westminster, Theresa and Jeremy are stumbling on through their self-penned European tragi-drama. It's a confused plot and they seem to have no idea how to bring it to an end, so they plough on with their empty lines as the time ticks by.

Monday, 21st January 2019, 5:00 am
Deidre Brock is the SNP MP for Edinburgh North and Leith
Deidre Brock is the SNP MP for Edinburgh North and Leith

For the sitting Prime Minister to have lost a critical vote by the largest margin on record, then think some warm words and a tweak or two will put things right is delusional. For Labour to think it would all be alright if only they were in charge, then refuse to even discuss what they want, is ridiculous.

From Edinburgh people watch this farce play out in despair, heads shaking in disbelief at just how low things have stooped in the so-called Mother of Parliaments. The message we sent was clear, but it is not represented by the tone and timbre of debate we see on the screens, or that I listen to every week in the chamber.

A resounding 74 per cent of the voters in this city chose to remain in the EU; we want to keep our freedom of movement, stick with the single market and stay a part of the European family of nations, thank you very much. This same message was sent from every part of Scotland and delivered to No.10 by the First Minister and Scottish Government. We will all keep fighting tooth and nail to make sure it happens.

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Outside the political circus, life goes on as normal in many ways and our fine city keeps on doing what it does best – welcoming the world. We have a new Burns & Beyond Festival kicking off tomorrow, with all sorts of weird and wonderful cultural happenings – a giant moon inside St Giles’ Cathedral? Not sure John Knox would approve but the Bard most certainly would. Message from the Skies is still lighting up monuments and buildings on these dark January nights, sending animated love letters to Europe from some of our finest writers. Murrayfield will soon be roaring again, as the Six Nations gets set to kick off with a hopeful looking Scotland squad this year. Our majestic city is being shown off yet again on the silver screen when Mary Queen of Scots rides into town. We live in a fantastic global capital and in our actions we show the world that this narrow-minded nonsense at Westminster is not of our making. I am proud our city remains such an outward-looking, welcoming place.

Never has Westminster politics felt so out of touch, so backward and so utterly broken. The relative young pup of a parliament at Holyrood, 20 years old this year, is looking by far the more grown-up of the two chambers. I hope by the time this is printed all players down south have swung behind the calls for a People’s Vote, because it seems the only way now they will bring this shambolic drama to a conclusion.

Deidre Brock is the SNP MP for Edinburgh North and Leith