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WhatsApp to raise minimum age limit to 16 in EU

WhatsApp is banning under-16s from using its platform in the European Union.

Gavin Barrie felt he was doing a good job as housing and economy convener. Picture: Stewart Attwood

Steve Cardownie: Gavin Barrie quit SNP group after an act of betrayal

And another one bites the dust! Councillor Gavin Barrie’s resignation from the city council’s SNP group may not have been that surprising.

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Councillor Kate Campbell is Homelessness Champion and Housing and Economy Convener at Edinburgh City Council

Kate Campbell: Everyone deserves a home they can afford

Housing and homelessness are the absolute biggest challenge that we face as a city. And we have quite a few challenges. We are seeing more and more people becoming homeless because they can no longer afford the rent charged by private landlords. I’ll say that again. Many people in our city cannot afford a home.

Jeremy Balfour's controversial amendment to the Social Security Bill was dropped. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Steve Cardownie: The MSP who puts pets ahead of people

Jeremy Balfour, a Tory MSP, wrote in this paper, under the heading ‘Time to update pet welfare law’, that “it is vital that Scottish legislation ensures that no pet suffers or has its welfare compromised and that, in situations where issues arise, the relevant authority can take action.”

The statue of women's suffragist leader Millicent Fawcett is the first monument of a woman and the first designed by a woman, Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing OBE, to take a place in parliament Square. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Thousands to march in Capital to mark suffragette success

WAVING scarves of green, white and violet, the women of Edinburgh will parade through the city centre – creating the largest mass participation of artwork made up of women ever seen in the UK.

East Lothian Council have announced that they will scrap the charges for child funeral

East Lothian Council to stop charging parents for child funerals

East Lothian Council will stop charging bereaved parents interment fees to carry out a child’s funeral, leaving just eight local authorities in Scotland as the only places in the UK to continue charging to bury a child.

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A buffer zone should be set up close to the Chalmers Centre at Lauriston Place.

Councillor calls for buffer zones to protect women outside abortion clinics

A councillor has called for buffer zones to “protect” women accessing sexual health services including abortions.

New homes have been approved at Baberton Golf Club.

New homes next to Baberton golf course set to be approved

Proposals to knock down a disused shop next to a golf course and build four houses are set to be given the green light.

Mark Beaumont will be speaking at the Pedal on Parliament

Alison Johnstone: I’m gearing up for Pedal on Parliament

Whisper it, but Spring is here, and it’s time for what has become an annual fixture on the Scottish Parliament’s calendar – Pedal on Parliament.

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Scotland has had links with Malawi since missionary David Livingstone visited in the 19th century (Picture: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Susan Dalgety: Criticise but don’t condemn Malawi over gay rights

It is a big day for the Scottish Parliament tomorrow. The President of Malawi, His Excellency Professor Peter Mutharika, will address MSPs in a rare speech by a head of state.

Donald Trump is expected to have tea with the Queen at Balmoral (Picture: Getty)

Susan Dalgety: Queen to have tea with world’s biggest Twitter troll

I note another President is planning a visit to Scotland.

Susan Dalgety found herself on the receiving end of GP rage on her last trip to the surgery

Susan Dalgety: We should question the SNP on health, not GPs

I am sure Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer meant well when she urged us last week to move away from our “doctor knows best” mentality.

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Professor Sir Geoff Palmer, pictured in front of a statue of James Watt, described the UK Government's actions as 'almost unpardonable'

Ian Swanson: Evil of Enoch Powell shames Britain again

IT is shamefully appropriate that the Windrush scandal – which has seen retirement-age citizens who arrived from the Caribbean as children between 1948 and 1971 being denied services and threatened with deportation - should coincide with the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s notorious “rivers of blood” speech which symbolised a racism we hoped had been left in the past.

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Gavin Barrie had been tipped as a possible future leader of the SNP group

Senior councillor Gavin Barrie quits SNP

A SENIOR SNP city councillor quit the party today six weeks after being ousted from his role in the city’s administration.

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The Scottish Government is to send in an 'improvement team'  to the city council over concerns about the way it is handling crucial paperwork for building projects.

Government sends in ‘improvement team’ to Edinburgh Council over missed targets

THE Scottish Government is to send in an “improvement team” to the city council over concerns about the way it is handling crucial paperwork for building projects.

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In Scotland, 20 per cent of households keep one or more cats. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Jeremy Balfour: Time to update pet welfare law

For many years now Brits have enjoyed the reputation of being a nation of pet lovers. Be they furry, fluffy, feathered or covered in scales, we are still as obsessed with our pets as ever. In Scotland, 20 per cent of households keep one or more dogs and 15 cent keep one or more cats. While there is not accurate data on the number of other species kept, we do know that animals like reptiles, birds and small mammals are kept or sold in their thousands in Scotland. In recent years, the pet market has increasingly diversified with high street pet shops selling a varied and diverse range of species, from hamsters to boa constrictors.

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The Granton gas tower site offers endless opportunities. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Cammy Day: Council plans to make North Edinburgh next go-to place

Let’s start with some great news for the city: the council has managed to purchase the former National Grid site in Granton – opening the door to fantastic opportunities for much-needed new housing.

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Philip Hammond has been accused of 'fattening up' RBS ahead of its sale to the City of London. Picture: Getty

Helen Martin: RBS closures add to case for independence

EVERY year we spend a week in Aviemore where shopkeepers, pubs, hotels and B&Bs, skiing and other activity organisations make their living from tourists. It’s not “rural and remote” in Scottish terms. But even there, RBS has earmarked their branch for closure.

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A new Brexit poll has shown Britain would narrowly vote to stay in the EU if a new referendum was held next week.. Picture: PA Wire

Survey finds Remain would win second Brexit referendum

Seven out of ten people in Edinburgh think the UK would be better off economically in Europe and want the country to stay in the Single Market.

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Donald Trump warned of mass protests for Scotland summer visit

Donald Trump has been warned he faces mass protest if he comes to Scotland this summer, following reports that the US President could visit Balmoral in the coming months.

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