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Ian Murray: Tory infighting still matters more than national interest

What a tumultuous time in politics. For the first time in history the Government has been held in contempt of parliament for refusing to comply with a parliamentary vote. They were compelled to release the legal advice they received relating to the Prime Ministers Brexit “deal”. They then lost another vote that gives parliament a say if the PMs Brexit “deal” falls (which is highly likely).

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay will unveil his Budget tomorrow. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Kezia Dugdale: It’s easy, Derek – just make the rich pay up

AMID the chaos of Brexit, you could be forgiven for not realising that ­tomorrow is budget day in Scotland. This is the time of year when Finance Secretary Derek Mackay stands up and ­announces his draft spending plans, complains about not having enough powers, then fails to use the powers he does have.

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