Kezia Dugdale set to keep ‘a portion’ of I’m A Celebrity fee

Kezia Dugdale former leader of Scottish Labour
Kezia Dugdale former leader of Scottish Labour
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KEZIA Dugdale could be set to keep part of her fee from appearing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here after removing a pledge from her reigster of interests.

The Lothian MSP and former Scottish Labour leader has removed a pledge that she will donate “any and all” money earned from outside interests to charity.

Before June, Ms Dugdale’s register of interests showed she was giving the fee she receives for writing a newspaper column to MND Scotland, a charity battling Motor Neuron Disease - as well as other earnings outside her Holyrood work.

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Her register stated: “Any and all external earnings will be likewise donated directly to MND Scotland as a matter of principle.”

In June, the remark to hand over all additional earnings was withdrawn.

A source told The Independent that the change was not related to Ms Dugdale’s appearance on the ITV reality show, but was made due to her being previously taxed on the charitable donation.

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Ms Dugdale said “a portion” of her fee will be donated to charity as well as her MSP’s salary while she takes part.Ms Dugdale stepped down as Labour leader in August.

Fellow Labour and Lothian MSP Neil Findlay labelled her appearance on the show as “utterly ludicrous”.