Labour in anti-independence manifesto pledge

Labour have vowed to stand against a second independence referendum. Picture; John Devlin
Labour have vowed to stand against a second independence referendum. Picture; John Devlin
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Scottish Labour’s opposition to independence is to feature prominently in the party’s General Election manifesto.

The document, to be revealed in Edinburgh today, will pledge to reject another referendum on the issue, and promise “never to support” Scotland leaving the United Kingdom. It echoes the UK party manifesto, which also vowed to stand against the SNP’s bid for another ballot.

Both UK leader Jeremy Corbyn and Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale claim Nicola Sturgeon’s party has focused on independence at the expense of the day-to-day governance.

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In her Scottish manifesto foreword, Ms Dugdale said: “Labour is the only party which knows it is the power of the whole UK working in partnership which benefits the many, not the few – that is at the root of our belief that together we’re stronger. That is why Labour opposes independence and a second divisive independence referendum. Independence is not the answer to dealing with Scotland’s flagging economy or our pressured public services.

“The SNP has one focus – independence. Labour will campaign tirelessly to ensure that the desire of the majority of Scots to remain part of the UK is respected.”

Mr Corbyn has previously said it would be wrong for Westminster to block a second referendum if the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of one.

He wrote: “Labour is opposed to independence because it would inflict turbo-charged austerity on the Scottish people.

“We will stand firm in our opposition to a second referendum because we know that together we’re stronger and unity is still our strength.”