Letter: Forget ‘toy train trams’ and sort out Edinburgh schools and roads

An Edinburgh Tram in action. Picture: Lesley Martin.
An Edinburgh Tram in action. Picture: Lesley Martin.
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IN these trying times, it beggars belief that our councillors have agreed to ignore numerous areas deserving of monies to extend the toy train.

Not even waiting on the investigative report to be published, these geniuses have decided to spend/throw away more money on this ­ill-conceived project in the ­delusion that lessons have been learnt – ­presumably using ESP to establish exactly what these lessons are!

As there are insufficient funds available to resource schools, roads etc properly, am I right in thinking that City of Edinburgh Council are simply going to borrow more cash to cover the guesstimated £250/£350/£450 million fag packet sum required?

Maybe the large surplus from Phase 1 will fund this extension – yeah, right!

Is there nothing we can do to save ourselves from these elected ­representatives?

BP Sharp, Craighouse Gardens, Edinburgh.