Lib Dem bid to curb stop-and-search

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LIBERAL Democrat leader Willie Rennie has announced plans to end voluntary stop-and-searches by police.

He told the party conference in Aberdeen that the Lib Dem MSPs would seek to amend the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill, currently passing through Holyrood, to scrap the practice, following concerns over increases in its use.

The change would mean police would have to have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity before they could conduct a stop and search.

At present, over 70 per cent of stop and searches carried out are classed as voluntary.

In his speech, Mr Rennie also claimed it was the “head and heart approach” that would win the referendum for the No campaign.

But he said the United Kingdom must change.

He said: “People in Scotland like the Scottish Parliament but they know something is missing.

“We want the ability for our parliament to make decisions on hospitals, school and universities without asking anyone for permission.

“With the powers to raise the majority of the money we spend we can have that control and that responsibility.

“People in Scotland can be Scottish, with more power here whilst retaining the great backstop and insurance of the United Kingdom.”