Momentum is with us, says Salmond

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ALEX Salmond has told the final party conference before the independence referendum that the momentum is with the Yes campaign.

The First Minister said the eyes of the world would be on Scotland when the vote took place on September 18.

“This is our moment to be a beacon of hope,” he declared.

He branded the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK as “the most miserable, negative, depressing and thoroughly boring campaign in modern political history.”

And he added: They are already out of touch with the people and are now losing touch with reality.”

In contrast he hailed the campaign for independence as being “positive, uplifting hopeful” and said it “must always stay that way”.

He told the delegates in Aberdeen:: “Make no mistake - momentum is with this campaign. The people are coming towards us.”

With the independence referendum now less than six months away, the First Minister repeated his challenge to David Cameron to take him on in a debate.

“Prime Minister, we can drum up a crowd for you in Scotland,” Mr Salmond said. “All you have to do is say yes to a debate.”