MP urges savers to take on ‘fat cat’ bonuses

Have your say

East Lothian Labour MP Fiona O’Donnell is urging the public to join a nationwide campaign to have their say on excessive boardroom salaries and bonuses.

The “Your Say on Pay” campaign was launched by FairPensions, an ethical investment charity, to encourage pension and ISA savers to contact their providers and urge them to oppose overly generous remuneration packages. Ms O’Donnell said: “Over the last few months we’ve seen company directors get a 50 per cent pay rise at a time when most people are feeling their living standards squeezed.

“And although the Government has held no fewer than six consultations on the issue of high pay, it has failed to take any substantive action. 

“That’s why shareholders have been taking things into their own hands. But many people don’t realise that, if they have a pension or stock-and-shares ISA, it’s their money being invested in these high-paying companies. I want to see transparency and accountability in our boardrooms.”

Further information about the campaign can be found at highpay.