MSP ridiculed for question to Nicola Sturgeon

Gordon Lindhurst
Gordon Lindhurst

A LOTHIAN Tory MSP has been ridiculed for asking what the Scottish Government is doing to help men suffering from a gender pay gap.

The intervention from Gordon Lindhurst came during First Minister’s Questions.

It followed the publication of a report by the parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee on the difference between male and female earnings.

Mr Lindhurst, the committee’s convener, said MSPs had heard “evidence that in some areas men suffer from a gender pay gap in relation to women”.

He said: “While this may be less of a problem than that affecting women, what steps is the Scottish Government taking to ensure a balanced approach which addresses the issue where it does affect men?”

In response, Nicola Sturgeon said: “I think currently (Scottish Conservative leader) Ruth Davidson is slowly sliding under that desk in front of her.

“The whole essence of equality is that men and women are treated equally, so, yes, in the spirit of consensus I kind of accept the underlying premise.

“But anybody who can look at the problem . . . and conclude that the problem is we’ve got to do more to help men rather than women, I think kind of misses the whole point here.”