MSP urges SNP to take referendum stance

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EDINBURGH South Labour MP Ian Murray has written to local Scottish Nationalist MSPs, challenging them to say whether they are in favour of a second question in the independence referendum.

The idea of offering a “more powers” option as well as independence has been floated by, among others, First Minister Alex Salmond.

Now Mr Murray has sent letters to SNP MSPs Jim Eadie, Kenny MacAskill and Gordon MacDonald, urging them to spell out where they stand.

He said: “Alex Salmond wants a second question, because he realises that he can’t win the first. It’s time for Edinburgh SNP constituency MSPs to come clean and state whether they support a clear single question, or whether they’ll back Salmond’s desire for a second question that experts say will simply muddy the waters.

“This is an issue that will affect every single person in Edinburgh forever. We need a clear, single question so the people of Scotland can make their decision once and for all.”

Mr Murray said the future of devolution was an important but separate debate which should be considered fully, and not used as a “smokescreen” to hide the lack of support for separation from the UK.

“I have made clear I want a single question, and it’s time the SNP did the same,” he said.