Murray to stamp out Royal Mail ‘fire sale’

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LABOUR’S Ian Murray has accused the UK Government of rushing into a “fire sale” of Royal Mail with its plans to 
privatise the postal service.

The Edinburgh South MP, who is also shadow minister for postal affairs, said the case for the Royal Mail staying in the public sector was compelling. He said: “The timing of this Tory-led government’s privatisation has the distinct whiff of desperation as the Chancellor has borrowed £245 billion more than it planned and is eager to dig himself out of a hole.

“This is the wrong time for privatisation. The UK’s cherished postal service has taken steps to modernise and management, staff and trade unions should be congratulated for that. Instead, ministers have got the ‘fire sale’ signs out and are playing politics with the postage stamp.”

He said privatisation inevitably threatened the future of the universal postal service which guarantees deliveries to all parts of the country at the same price.