Nicola Sturgeon has Portobello prom sing-song

Nicola Sturgeon enjoys a sing-song at Portobello Promenade. Picture: Lesley Martin
Nicola Sturgeon enjoys a sing-song at Portobello Promenade. Picture: Lesley Martin
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MODERN Scottish nationalism might be a far cry from the tartan-clad traditionalism once peddled by folk-singers such as The Corries.

But yesterday Nicola Sturgeon revealed she still had a penchant for an old-fashioned sing-along while out meeting voters at Portobello Promenade.

The Deputy First Minister joined in on a stirring version of folk classic “Wild Mountain Thyme” - and had to turn down pleas to sing a solo.

Yes supporter and guitarist Mark Smith, 37, was playing folk songs with friends beside a campaign stall just off the beach when he saw the politician approach.

Mark, from Portobello, said: “I didn’t know she was coming down – I only found out about five minutes before she arrived because of all the TV cameras. So it was a nice surprise.

“I asked her if she wanted to sing a song on her own but she said no.” Onlooker Lily Anderson, 75, from Clermiston, said: “She was very pleasant – I don’t know how she keeps going. We were delighted to meet her.”

Sturgeon said of her reception in Portobello: “It’s been amazing – it’s been a great response, there’s a real movement towards Yes in the air.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband was also in town, checking out the Capital’s public transport offering.

Miliband, right, arrived on Princes Street on board a No 26 Lothian bus and met party activists and No supporters.

After his walkabout, he joined Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont and Gordon Brown at a rally last night in Glasgow.

He said Alex Salmond’s “lack of a currency plan” could lead to £21 billion of spending cuts in an independent Scotland, branding the First Minister as the “real threat” to the NHS.