Readers react to Edinburgh Council's 'stealth tax' low emission zone

The city council has proposed setting up a low emission zone (LEZ) in the heart of the capital to improve air quality and ease congestion.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 2:39 pm
The low emission zone is aimed at cleaning up the air in Edinburgh's city centre.
The low emission zone is aimed at cleaning up the air in Edinburgh's city centre.

There are currently six designated air pollution zones in Edinburgh where air quality standards are not met.

The LEZ is an area where vehicles which do not meet emissions standards will face hefty fines. Legislation currently under discussion in the Scottish Parliament will require Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee to set up LEZs by the end of next year.

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Edinburgh's Low Emission Zone proposals: all you need to know

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The proposed boundary of the city centre LEZ. Picture: Edinburgh Council

Martin Pender wrote: "50% of Edinburgh residents cars or vans fail the criteria and instantly lose value. Only the rich will do!"

On a similar note, Robert Hamilton said: "It must be alright when you're one of these folk creating this legislation and putting it through Holyrood as you can afford a taxi, first class flights everywhere and a £100,000 electric Tesla.

"For the rest of us who live on planet earth it just demonstrates how far from reality these plonkers are and how they don't deserve any of our support. These environmental clowns have gone way too far, impeding on the lives of the overwhelming majority of us."

Nicola Macdonald Ingleby added: "It's not so long ago they encouraged us all to buy diesel cars, now they want us to scrap them and buy new cars. Maybe they should be stopping car manufacturers from making and selling new diesels."

Some readers raised concerns about the impact on deliveries in the heart of the city. David Funnell posted: "To all the people living in the zone, good luck getting deliveries and tradesman to come to your property if this comes in. Most vans will fail the emissions checks."

Peter Swanson simply branded the policy a 'stealth tax'.

But not everyone was against the scheme, Kastillo Karbonell responded by posting 'finally'.

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