Readers react to proposed Edinburgh Council budget savings

Officials at Edinburgh Council are working on the assumption of a three per cent cut when they're funding is announced, with the council looking for £21 million of savings in next year's budget.

Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 3:29 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 5:15 pm
A clampdown on permits and diesel emissions are amongst the proposals.

Edinburgh Evening News readers have been quick to react to the proposed cost-cutting measures, which would see a 3% increase in council tax, increased permit charges and a decrease in library services (to name but a few)

Tony Tiger Moran wrote on Facebook: “Stop spending money on meaningless 20mph zones and cycle routes. How about charging the utility companies for not completing work on time? Revenue collected must be millions.

Jason Wood: “There will be people with garden burning more if they have to pay and that will make more pollution in Edinburgh.”

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A clampdown on permits and diesel emissions are amongst the proposals.

Isobel Logan was clearly angry, writing: “We already pay for this service in our council tax. Edinburgh council has become a money grabbing useless council. Edinburgh people are sick to death of being squeezed for more money. We should all just dump our garden waste in a heap on the streets and let council clear it.”

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Council looking for £21m savings

Indeed, the rubbish issue was a hot topic. Thelma Kelly chimed into the debate saying: “They started charging for bulky uplifts and what do we have now but fly tipping! People will do the same with garden rubbish! When you look at the state of roads, pavements, open spaces and the reduction in parks departments, you would have to, as someone else has said, question where the Council Tax money is going!”

And the proposed tram extension was also a target with many saying cuts wouldn’t be needed if it hadn’t been approved. Stacey Hoy said: “hen you see how many cuts they have to make and the job losses, why are they still going ahead with the tram extension?! It’s virtually bankrupted our council and we have to pay even more for this! Shambles!”

A clampdown on permits and diesel emissions are amongst the proposals.

Among the issues, current bin collections were once again mentioned by many readers: Andrea Morph Mealor wrote: “Would be nice if I could get my normal bins collected on time but for the past 5 months I’ve had to phone up for missed collections, get promised collection within 48 hours and it never happens!” Now they want to charge for a collection they will miss from me anyway!”

John Tudor shared his experience of paid-collection in Wales writing: “They do it in North Wales. It’s an absolute joke. You pay to get a sticker for your bin, and the guys only empty the ones with stickers.

“It’s got nothing to do with saving money as the drivers are out anyway. It’s just another way for the council to make money.

“And with the waste, they turn it into compost and sell it.”