Scots won’t let the moment pass by - Salmond

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ALEX Salmond has insisted Scots will not let the historic opportunity of independence “pass by”.

In his keynote speech to the SNP conference in Perth he announced thelmond Scottish Government will publish its long-awaited white paper, setting out the detailed case for independence, on Tuesday November 26.

And he issued a fresh challenge to Prime Minister David Cameron to go head to head with him in a televised debate.

Mr Salmond told delegates the white paper would “spell out” what would happen between the referendum and Scotland becoming independent in spring 2016, if there was a Yes vote, as well as setting out the “why of independence” and the SNP’s “vision of Scotland”.

And he had this message for Mr Cameron, who has so far ruled out a TV clash: “Here’s the deal, Prime Minister. We’ll publish the white paper, then you and I must debate. Prime Minister to First Minister.

“The choice is yours. Step up to the plate - or step out of this debate.”

Mr Salmond said it was the privilege of the current generation to determine the next chapter of Scotland’s story.

“And when the pages of books yet unwritten speak to generations yet unborn of this time and this place, of our Scotland today, what is the story they will tell?

“They can say that we who lived at this special time recognised a priceless moment for what it was, that those who saw this chance did not baulk at it, that those who were given this moment did not let it pass by, and that we, Scotland’s independence generation, reached out and grasped the opportunity of a lifetime when it came our way.”