Scottish Election 2021 results LIVE: SNP finish one short of a majority on 64 | Scottish Conservatives hold key seat of Aberdeenshire West | Alex Salmond fails to win seat | Kaukab Stewart becomes first woman of colour elected to Scottish Parliament | Full regional vote list announced

Updates from the Scottish Parliament elections 2021.

As Day Two of the election count continues, stay up-to-date with The Scotsman election live blog.

Live updates on the Scottish Parliament election results.

Scottish Parliament elections 2021 LIVE: SNP win election with 64 seats - one short of majority

Key Events

  • SNP win election with 64 seats - one short of majority
  • Sturgeon hails ‘emphatic’ victory
  • Tories second with 31 seats, Labour third with 22
  • No seats for Salmond’s Alba party
  • Police investigate possible voter fraud in Edinburgh
  • Kaukab Stewart becomes first woman of colour elected
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Scottish Labour take three list seats in Central Scotland

The Scottish Labour party have taken three list seats in the Central Scotland electoral region.

Their tally has been matched by the Tories, who have also won three seats.

The Scottish Greens have taken a single seat in the region.

For any Westminster politician who tries to stand in the way of a second referendum, I would say two things. Firstly, you’re not picking a fight with the SNP, you’re picking a fight with the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland. Secondly, you will not succeed.

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP

Tories take four seats in Highlands & Islands region

The Scottish Conservatives have taken four of list seats in the Highlands & Islands electoral region, including one for leader Douglas Ross..

Meanwhile the SNP have gained a seat in the region, while Labour and the Greens each took one.

Mason: ‘Not the end of world’ if referendum takes another decade

One of the SNP's newly reelected MSPs has said it would not be "the end of the world" if it took another decade before a referendum on Scottish independence was held.

John Mason, who held Glasgow Shettleston, said he wanted to see support for independence in opinion polls exceed 70 per cent before another vote was held.

Mr Mason, who generally seen as something of an outlier within the party he has represented at Holyrood since 2011, said consistent high polling was the best way of forcing Boris Johnson’s hand.

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Defeated Harvie congratulates Kaukab Stewart

SNP hold Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale

Watch Gordon MacDonald’s victory speech

SNP hold Glasgow Kelvin

The first woman of colour has been elected to the Scottish Parliament after Kaukab Stewart took the Glasgow Kelvin constituency for the SNP.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Stewart said: "It is without doubt an honour to be elected as the first woman of colour to the Scottish Parliament.

"It has taken too long, but to all the women and girls of colour out there: the Scottish Parliament belongs to you too, so whilst I may be the first, I will not be the last."

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The world is watching and Scotland wants to join the family of nations. It’s just a matter of time.

Gordon MacDonald, SNP

The Scotsman analysis: Aberdeenshire West

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