SNP promises to ‘deep clean’ Edinburgh

Overflowing bins
Overflowing bins
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THE SNP is promising a £1 million investment in a “deep clean” of the Capital and better cleansing services across the city if it wins power at next month’s council elections.

The party’s manifesto, to be launched next week, will say a “cleaner Edinburgh” would be one of its top priorities.

The Nationalists will promise to halve the number of missed bin collections in the first six months of an SNP administration.

And they are vowing to hit the council’s street cleanliness targets in every part of the city.

The pledges come after latest figures showed 835 complaints about missed bin collections every week between October and December last year – although that was down from 1042 a week in the previous quarter; and seven out of 17 wards fell below the council’s 95 per cent cleanliness target.

The SNP has been part of the council administration along with Labour for the past five years.

And it says it would continue with the council’s existing 65-point action plan, which it claims is already delivering results across the city.

But it says its plans for further improvements would see more frequent communal bin collections and additional resources for areas of high need.

The SNP also pledges more than £1m of additional money from the Scottish Government’s recent budget settlement would be invested in a “deep clean of the city” and to fund service improvements.

There would also be additional environmental wardens to deal with longstanding issues in identified areas.

SNP environment spokesman Adam McVey said: “We’ve made a lot of progress in the last five years in reforming the waste and street cleaning departments – but we shouldn’t kid ourselves, there’s a long way to go before our city is as clean as we all rightly expect it should be. There is still a stark difference in cleanliness scores across the city. Wealthier areas of our city are hitting high standards, which is great, but we need to achieve that same level of service everywhere in Edinburgh.

“By using the resources that we have in a smarter way and taking advantage of additional money from the SNP government, we can build on the progress already made and give every community in Edinburgh the service they deserve.”

Overflowing bins have been a regular cause for concern for some time.

Amy McNeese-Mechan, SNP candidate for the Leith Walk Ward, said: “Bins overflowing is a constant issue in Leith Walk but things are starting to get better. The changes we are planning to the schedule of communal bins being emptied will make a huge difference to people in Leith Walk.

“When areas like Leith walk suffer from overflowing bins, fly-tipping and unswept pavements it affects our wellbeing, health and the pride we have in our community. Additional resources in Leith Walk and other trouble spots is extremely welcome to keep our Edinburgh clean and tidy.”