SNP’s 100 ‘unanswered’ Brexit questions as they demand clarity

Angus Robertson MP
Angus Robertson MP
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SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson hit out at the “utter lack of clarity” provided by the Prime Minister 100 days on from the Brexit result.

The party has published a dossier of “100 unanswered questions” for Theresa May on what leaving the European Union will mean.

They call for clarity on issues including whether the UK will remain part of the single market and a member of the European Union customs union, whether businesses will be able to continue to trade with the EU without customs checks or other administrative costs and whether UK citizens living in the EU will be given the right to remain and retain their rights to access services there.

The SNP has also demanded an answer on whether police in the UK will continue to have use of the European Arrest Warrant and further information on the impact of changes to freedom of movement on NHS staff recruitment and retention.

Mr Robertson said: “We are now 100 days on from the EU referendum result and the utter lack of clarity from the Prime Minister and the rest of the UK Government is a shameful abdication of responsibility. The Tories are in the process of walking the UK economy off a cliff with a vague promise that they’ll find a parachute on the way down. It’s not good enough.”