Test your Euro knowledge with our election quiz

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi knows all about the EU - but how much do you know? Pic: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images)
Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi knows all about the EU - but how much do you know? Pic: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images)
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As we go to the polls today (or maybe not in many cases) to elect MEPs, why not test yourself with our quiz on all things European

TRY to look interested, but in case you haven’t noticed there’s an election going on today.

Some of us might actually go to the polls although, if we run true to form, twice as many of us will stay at home.

We’re not exactly enthusiastic when it comes to the European elections – in 2009, fewer Scots bothered to vote than anywhere else in the UK.

At stake are six seats in the European Parliament, although it’s entirely possible that most of us would struggle to name a single Scottish MEP.

For when it comes to our knowledge of the European Union – and, indeed, our European neighbours – it’s probably fair to say many of us might struggle to tell our Valletta from our Ljubljana (that’s the capitals of Malta and Slovenia, but you knew that, didn’t you?). According to Andrew Farrer, lecturer in EU studies at Edinburgh University, our basic general knowledge about Europe – never mind the European Parliament – could well be better.

“We are separated geographically by a bit of Channel and that seems to have formed a mental barrier in terms of whether we see ourselves as part of Europe and how much we know about Europe,” he says.

“That’s changing. Travel is having a big impact, especially among younger people – my students tend to be more pro-Europe, very few come in seeing the European Union as something we should get out of. However, my feeling, not based on any scientific evidence, is that most people don’t know that much about Europe.”

So are you a Dutch clever clogs or does the thought of answering 30 questions about Europe compiled by expert Andrew have you in an Irish stew?

Here’s your chance to put your vast knowledge of all things European to the test . . .

1. There are 28 states in the EU and 24 official EU languages. Which four states do not have an official tongue?

A: Ireland, Slovakia, Austria and Luxembourg;

B: Slovakia, Ireland, Belgium, Cyprus;

C: Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Cyprus.

2. The motto of the EU is:

A: United in diversity;

B: Together in unity;

C: Liberty, fraternity, equality.

3. Europe Day is celebrated each year on which date?

A: May 1;

B: May 9;

C: June 6.

4. The European Parliament meets in which two locations?

A: Brussels and Strasbourg;

B: Strasbourg and Luxembourg;

C: Brussels and Luxembourg.

5. The current president of the European Council is:

A: Jose Manuel Barroso;

B: Hermann van Rompuy;

C: Catherine Ashton.

6. The most recent new EU member state joined in 2013. Was it . .

A: Croatia;

B: Romania;

C: Slovenia.

7. Which of the following states joined the EU in 2004?

A: Poland, Romania and Hungary;

B: Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia;

C: Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

8. The Court of Justice of the European Union is located in?

A: Belgium;

B: France;

C: Luxembourg.

9. Euro notes and coins came into circulation on which date?

A: 01/01/2002;

B: 01/01/2000;

C: 01/01/1999.

10. How many of the 28 EU members are also members of the single currency, the eurozone?

A: 16;

B: 14;

C: 18.

11. How many MEPs will the UK elect on May 22?

A: 73;

B: 63;

C: 53.

12. How many MEPs will there be in the European Parliament following the elections on May 22?

A: 764;

B: 751;

C: 770.

13. In 2013, what proportion of Scottish exports went to other EU countries?

A: 35 per cent;

B: 40 per cent;

C: 55 per cent.

14. Who in a speech in 1946 first proposed the building of a “United States of Europe”?

A: Winston Churchill;

B: Charles de Gaulle;

C: Konrad Adenauer.

15. The first verse of the national anthem of which EU state swears loyalty to the King of Spain?

A: Spain;

B: Portugal;

C: The Netherlands.

16. The UK and Ireland are not part of the Schengen Passport free travel zone. Which of the following two non-EU states are also signatories to this agreement?

A: Switzerland and Norway;

B: Turkey and Norway;

C: Iceland and Turkey.

17. Germany has Europe’s biggest economy, but which state was Germany’s biggest trading partner in 2013?

A: France;

B: United States;

C: United Kingdom.

18. The European Union flag consists of yellow stars on a blue background; how many stars?

A: 10;

B: 12;

C: 28.

19. Who is the current prime minister of Poland?

A: Donald Tusk;

B: Jaroslav Kaczynski;

C: Lech Walesa.

20. Belgium currently holds the unenviable world record for the longest period of time elapsing between a general election and the formation of a new government. What is that record?

A: 24 months, 2 days;

B: 12 months, 18 days;

C: 17 months, 23 days.

21 Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been fulfilling a community service sentence for tax fraud. Where has the 77-year-old former premier been working?

A: In a youth centre;

B: In a homeless hostel;

C: In a day centre for older people.

22. In which European state was the 1974 revolution named the “Carnation Revolution”?

A: Portugal;

B: Spain;

C: Greece.

23. Which European country is the world’s biggest producer of wine?

A: Italy;

B: Spain;

C: France.

24. Which European country is the world’s biggest exporter of pork, with a population of 24 million pigs and 5.4 million people?

A: Slovakia;

B: Denmark;

C: Finland.

25. In which year did Swiss women gain the right to vote in federal (national) elections?

A: 1971;

B: 1974;

C: 1976.

26. In which year were elections first held for the European Parliament?

A: 1974;

B: 1956;

C: 1979.

27. France has given Europe the world’s greatest cycle race, the Tour de France, starting this year in Yorkshire. In what year did a Frenchman last win the race?

A: 1990;

B: 1985;

C: 1988.

28. Which European country is the world leader in the production of olive oil?

A: Greece;

B: Spain;

C: Italy.

29. Which European state boasts the world’s largest number of Unesco World Heritage Sites?

A: United Kingdom;

B: France;

C: Italy.

30. The population of which European country drink the most beer per person?

A: Germany;

B: Austria;

C: Czech Republic.

Scroll down for the answers.

1. C Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Cyprus 
2. A United in Diversity 3. B May 9 4. A Brussels and Strasbourg 5. B Hermann van Rompuy 6. A Croatia 7. C Poland, Hungary and Slovakia 8. C Luxembourg 9. A 01.01.2002 10. C 18 11. A 73 12. B 751 13. B 40 per cent. 14. A Winston Churchill 15. C The Netherlands 16. A Switzerland, Norway 17. A France 18. B 12
19. A Donald Tusk 20. C 17 months, 23 days 21. C Day centre for older people 22. A Portugal 23. C France 24. B Denmark 25. A 1971 26. C 1979 27. B 1985 
28. B Spain 29. C Italy 30. C Czech Republic.