Thousands to rally against Donald Trump in Edinburgh

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Thousands of protestors are expected to march on the Capital ahead of American President Donald Trump’s official visit to campaign against his controversial policies.

Scotland United Against Trump has organised a demonstration and march ahead of the American President’s arrival in Scotland on Saturday, July 14.

The campaign group Scotland Against Donald Trump at a demonstration in the Meadows. Picture: Ian Georgeson,

The campaign group Scotland Against Donald Trump at a demonstration in the Meadows. Picture: Ian Georgeson,

Campaigners are due to meet at the Meadows at 12pm before marching down the Mound, past the US Consulate on Regent Terrace and finally finishing outside the Scottish Parliament where organisers are hosting a “Carnival of Resistance” against the President. The Edinburgh-based Scotland Against Trump has joined forces with political parties, unions and social movements to form a coalition, now known as Scotland United Against Trump to organise nation-wide protests.

The Labour Party, the Green Party, STUC, Jubilee Scotland, Amnesty International, Global Justice Now and Muslim Council Scotland are backing the rally that asks Scots to take a stand against Mr Trump and his administration’s anti-migrant and Muslim stance.

In 2017, Scotland Against Trump rallied thousands of protesters to march on Edinburgh in the face of his Muslim ban, an order that stopped refugees from entering the States and prevented visitors from seven Muslim countries. It is estimated that around 7,000 people were called to arms with just 24 hours’ 

Kirsty Haigh, of Scotland United Against Trump, said: “When Trump was elected we feared the worst and those fears proved to be true. He spouts so much racism and sexism, his politics are dangerous. We wanted to get involved to try and stop his far-right policies.

“Trump and his politics are not welcome in Scotland. This march is a response to something damaging.”

Organisers are optimistic that turn-out could top the 10,000 mark. Kirsty added: “We know there is strong feeling in Scotland against Trump’s divisive politics.”

Organisers believe that it is critical to talk openly about Trump’s radical policies, such as his “pure hatred towards migrants”, because of those echoed in corridors of power much closer to home. Kirsty said: “Theresa May and politicians across Europe are creating a hostile environment and we won’t stand for their attacks on migrants or Muslims. We have to end related policies here. We can change this.”

It is hoped that the march could have a real impact on policy-making in Holyrood, Westminster and further afield.

“We don’t want our politicians cosying up to Trump. The policies and beliefs he holds are not wanted in Scotland and the march will show that”, said Kirsty. “We won’t change or fix politics we don’t like if we’re not talking to people – politicians and people on the street.”

The Scotland United Against Trump Edinburgh march will take place the day after a takeover of Glasgow’s George Square to protest Donald Trump’s arrival in London.