Tommy Sheppard: 10 reasons I’m voting Yes

Tommy Sheppard. Pic: Cate Gillon
Tommy Sheppard. Pic: Cate Gillon
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STAND and Assembly promoter Tommy Sheppard, who is also a prominent independence campaigner, gives his top ten reasons for voting Yes.

1 Because I’m not a nationalist. But I do believe the future of Scotland should be determined by those who live here – that’s a simple democratic argument.

2 Because I’m not Scottish but I like the way I feel at home in this country.

3 Because the things I like about Britain like social insurance, the NHS, support for the underdog and a general sense of fair-mindedness will thrive.

4 Because the things I don’t like about Britain like nuclear weapons, illegal wars and punitive social policy can be changed.

5 Because Scotland is a wealthy country full of poor people and that has to stop. Inequality blights all our communities and makes our lives that bit more dangerous and depressing. I’m convinced that we can build a society which is fairer and more prosperous at the same time.

6 Because we can afford it. This is a Northern European country with an educated and literate population; a country with a highly developed physical and social infrastructure; with strong industries and an abundance of natural resources. If Scotland cannot stand on its own two feet then no country in the world could.

7 Because I don’t think the bankers, big businesses and the political elite should be allowed to frighten us.

8 Because we’re not going anywhere and self-government in Scotland will be the start of long overdue political reform across the UK.

9 Because an independent Scotland will be outward-looking, a small but significant country working with others to be a force for good in the world.

10 Because the future is always uncertain but we clearly have a choice of two futures: continue with austerity Britain and rising intolerance; or make a fresh start.