Tories in bid to bring back evictions

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A BID to reverse the city’s ­no-eviction policy on tenants facing rent arrears following the launch of the so-called “bedroom tax” has been led by the Edinburgh Conservatives.

Tory group leader Cameron Rose described the policy as “triply unfair”, arguing that more taxpayers are now swamped with debt while “pick ing up the cost”. Some tenants are also having rooms paid for from the public purse, he said.

Mr Rose said: “In just six months the council is dealing with additional rent arrears of £2.6 million – that is a 132 per cent increase – which appears to be a direct result of a signal sent out by the council with their ill-advised no evictions policy.

“Housing associations knew what would happen and resisted the ‘no evictions’ ­policy. We now see how right they were.”

Labour, Lib Dem, SNP and Green councillors blocked the Tory move, insisting the city’s rent shortfall was entirely the result of Prime Minister David Cameron’s welfare reforms.