Tories warn of heavier cuts in future

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THE Tories have criticised the Lib Dem/SNP administration’s proposals to spend reserve funding, arguing the move will lead to heavier cuts in the future.

The group also suggested the timing and the budget announcement – 12 weeks prior to the local authority elections in May – would benefit the parties in power.

Leader Jeremy Balfour said: “It is disappointing and worrying for the city that we’re spending money now that might well be required in future years. Our view would be to give people the best possible services but at the same time look to the future, to make sure we have money there so we won’t have to make big cuts in the next two or three years.

“The Lib Dems and SNP are leaving a big hole for future administrations to cover. It also seems to me that the administration are trying to use this money just before an election and you have to ask why that is happening?”

The Labour group, which published its manifesto last week, said many of the proposals had come about as a result of pressure from opposition parties.