TV ad tells bully victims: don’t fight back

The TV advert
The TV advert
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A CONTROVERSIAL new television advert tells dads not to teach their children to fight back with their fists against bullies.

The ad, backed by the Scottish Government, shows a boy who is left with a bloody nose after he follows advice from home and tries to punch a bully twice his size. It was launched on STV at the start of national anti-bullying week with the aim of conveying to families the message that listening is the best option.

Brian Donnelly, director of anti-bullying service Respectme which holds its first anti-bullying awards ceremony in the Capital on Friday, said: “We’d never tell a colleague at work, who is being bullied by their boss, to punch the boss in the face and earn respect that way. But we speak to many young people who are told by their dad to hit back while their mum tells them to ignore that advice.”