UK poll puts parties neck and neck

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A NEW poll projection today shows Labour and the Tories winning exactly the same number of seats as the most unpredicatble election for decades moves to its climax.

The YouGov “Nowcast”, based on data from 187,190 voters and 50,198 new interviews over the past week, says both major parties will win 276 seats with the SNP on 51, Lib Dems 23, Ukip one and Green one.

An ICM survey also put the two parties level on 35 per cent – a three-point recovery for Labour, which had consistently lagged in the firm’s recent research.

The final Panelbase survey showed Labour holding on to a narrow lead over the Conservatives – by 33 per cent to 31. But a TNS poll found the Conservatives marginally ahead on 33 per cent to Labour’s 32. The final Opinium survey also had the Conservatives narrowly in front, on 35 per cent to Labour’s 34, both unchanged since Sunday. And the BBC’s final Newsnight calculations suggested the Tories would finish as the biggest party with 281 seats to Labour’s 266, while the SNP won 51, the Lib Dems 27 and Ukip and the Greens one each.