UKIP poster next to ‘No Poles required’ tent ad

Badly placed billboards in Granton. Picture: HeMedia
Badly placed billboards in Granton. Picture: HeMedia
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A UKIP campaign poster for the upcoming European elections has been inadvertently placed in Granton alongside an ad for camping equipment bearing the slogan “No Poles required!”.

The ad, for a range of inflatable tents being stocked by the outdoor supplies retailer Go Outdoors, sits alongside one of the high-profile billboards for Nigel Farage’s party.

Although the siting of the posters on Lower Granton Road is believed to be a coincidence it has been criticised as “insensitive”.

The UKIP has spent thousands on posters across the country - which claim British workers are being cheated out of work by immigrants.

Steve Cardownie, SNP councillor for Edinburgh’s Forth ward, slammed the gaffe, which he claimed was “too dangerous to be funny”.

He said: “It’s insensitive – the juxtaposition to have the signs side by side.

“People might think it’s funny but it’s the kind of message UKIP are trying to get over. You would have thought somebody would have the presence of mind to realise what message it’s putting over.

“When it comes to questions of immigrant workers we have to be very careful. It does send out the wrong message.

“It’s too close to home with UKIP – it’s unfortunate. Some might think it’s funny but it’s too dangerous to be funny.

“I would urge the tent company to do what they can to repair matters as soon as possible.

“They might consider contacting the company that owns the billboards to ask that the posters be replaced.”

Vicki Redpath, Labour councillor for Edinburgh’s Forth ward, said: “To be honest, I don’t know who is responsible for siting the poster. I don’t know if it’s malicious.

“The company may have just accepted the money and gone ahead with it. I can see either side. All sorts of people could take offence.

“It’s probably a stupid mistake where someone hasn’t thought about the consequences.”

A UKIP spokesman said: “Of course there is no deliberate intent and I do not believe people are getting upset.

“I think people will look at it with a right smile. The posters are two completely different things juxtaposed in a wry way by accident.

Willie Dunn, a charity worker from East Calder, first spotted the gaffe and shared a picture on Twitter with the words “Saw this in Edinburgh, seriously bad placement!”

Willie, 45, said: “I almost crashed the car when I saw it”.