Union flags ditched after Nats protest

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UNION Flags were removed from the Scottish Parliament canteen yesterday after Nationalist MSPs protested about the display.

The flags had been put up by staff at the Holyrood canteen as a way to show support for the British teams at the Olympics.

But it is understood the sight of Union flags on every table was too much for some SNP ministers, who asked for them to be removed.

The flags were taken away, while red, white and blue balloons were replaced with a multi-coloured display.

Scottish Conservative MSP Ruth Davidson hit out at the move, calling it “utterly pathetic”.

She said: “The canteen was being decked out in an Olympic theme for the end of term, and for the SNP to cause a stooshie – claiming it wasn’t Scottish enough – is narrow minded in the extreme.

“The SNP are simply coming across as petty and small minded.”

A spokesman for the SNP said: “All decisions on decorating the canteen are a matter for canteen staff.”