White Paper to be known as The Guide

The 670-page Scotland's Future document.
The 670-page Scotland's Future document.
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CIVIL servants have been told the official 670-page document setting out the SNP’s vision for an independent Scotland should no longer be referred to as the White Paper, but rather as The Guide.

The change of name is seen as an attempt to clear up any doubts over the status of the document.

The instruction was issued by a senior official at a series of seminars for staff.

A government source said: “It was the White Paper in the run-up to publication, but The Guide is a more meaningful term for people.

“If you ask people what a White Paper is, they’re probably not very sure. The Guide is what it says on the tin.”

The document is officially called Scotland’s Future, with the subtitle Your Guide To An Independent Scotland.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said 32,052 copies of the publication had already been ordered.