Poll: Majority of Scots want Holyrood to have power over Scottish independence vote

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A majority of Scots say Holyrood should have the right to decide on holding a fresh referendum on independence, a new poll has found.

SNP Deputy leader Keith Brown has now called for the Westminster parties to “stop standing in the way” of the Scottish Parliament staging a vote on leaving the UK. Mr Brown made a keynote address to SNP delegates at the party’s Autumn conference today.

Keith Brown hailed the poll. Picture: PA

Keith Brown hailed the poll. Picture: PA

It came as a new poll from Survation found that 59 per cent supported the Scottish Parliament having the power over a referendum and only 30 per cent supported Westminster.

The poll also shows 56 per cent of Labour voters supporting the Scottish Parliament’s having the final say.

Mr Brown said: “People in Scotland overwhelmingly believe that it’s the Scottish Parliament, not Westminster, who should have the final say over holding a referendum on independence.

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“It is a democratic disgrace that both Labour and the Tories want to stand in the way of the people of Scotland having the right to decide the country’s future.

“Labour’s hardline position on this issue is completely out of touch with their own voters, who by some margin back the SNP’s position.”

At the moment, Westminster has power over the constitution and a section 30 order is needed to confer approval on Holyrood to stage an independence vote. Theresa May has refused to permit such a referendum while the Brexit process is ongoing. Labour and the Lib Dems also oppose such a vote.

Mr Brown added: “As the chaos around Brexit unfolds, support for the right to decide on our future is only going to grow – it’s time for the Westminster parties to stop standing in the way of Scottish democracy.”