Portobello mum makes desperate appeal for lost engagement ring in North Berwick

Emily believes she lost her engagement ring while on a walk with her husband in North Berwick. Pic: supplied by Emily MacKenzie
Emily believes she lost her engagement ring while on a walk with her husband in North Berwick. Pic: supplied by Emily MacKenzie
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A Portobello mum is appealing to the public for help to find her sapphire engagement ring which she believes is lost somewhere in North Berwick.

Emily MacKenzie was given the ring 10 years ago by her husband of nine years, Alan, and she believes it may have come off as she removed her gloves while walking on the beach on Wednesday.

Speaking today, the 37-year-old described it as a distinctive ring with four unusual shaped blue sapphires.

She said: "I was going to bed last night at ten to one in the morning and realised it was not there. I completely panicked.

"It's very valuable to me on a personal level. I've been crying all day about it, it's been horrible."

Mrs MacKenzie says she has since been trying to retrace her steps from Wednesday and has also reported the ring missing to police, in the hope someone will hand it in.

She has turned the flat 'upside down' in a desperate search for the ring and has checked bins and plants that she re-potted last night - and even checked her young son's dirty nappies.

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Her wedding band, pictured beside the engagement ring on her finger, has not been lost.

Re-tracing her steps

Mrs MacKenzie and her husband were in North Berwick together from about noon until 3pm on Wednesday.

They parked the car in the small free car park on Marine Parade facing the beach, beyond the paddling pool and seabird centre.

Mrs MacKenzie said they walked on both sides of the beach, by the Steampunk cafe, the wool shop and the seabird centre, its decking area and the grassy area where there are some ruins.

She said they also walked past the Costa Coffee shop and along the road to the golf course path, which they pushed the buggy along before carrying it onto the sand.

Throughout the walk, Mrs MacKenzie removed her gloves several times.

She added: "I am kicking myself for not being able to remember when I last saw the ring on my hand, as that would make it easier for me to retrace my steps.

"I have had it for 10 years and used to it being there. It must be on the beach somewhere."

Grandmother's Ring

Mrs MacKenzie said that her grandmother also managed to lose her wedding ring once before and had no idea where it had gone.

But it turned up 20 years later in the u-bend of her kitchen sink after plumbers were called in to deal with a blockage.

If you happen to find Emily's engagement ring, please contact her by e-mail on emilymackenzie01@gmail.com