Possibly the most Dull and Boring story you’ll read all year …

Gloomy skies above Dull, which is forging links with Boring
Gloomy skies above Dull, which is forging links with Boring
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AN ENTERPRISING American has already begun producing commemorative T-shirts and baseball caps proclaiming: “Boring Oregon and Dull Scotland: A Pair for the Ages.”

Yesterday, two communities on opposite sides of the Atlantic, which rejoice in the world’s least inspiring names, celebrated confirmation that formal links are to be forged between the American town of Boring and the tiny Perthshire village of Dull.

The unique transatlantic pairing of the two communities was rubber-stamped by a unanimous vote at the community planning council in Boring, paving the way for official ties to be established between the 84 villagers in Perthshire and the 13,000-strong population in Oregon.

Stories about the possible links between the two communities have already made headlines around the globe. Community leaders in both Dull and Boring are hoping for a major tourism boost as a result of the publicity surrounding their perfect partnership.

Marjorie Keddie, the chairwoman of Dull and Weem Community Council, said that the residents of Dull were already planning a street party to mark the new transatlantic union on 23 June. They are also pressing ahead with the erection of a new road sign, certain to halt drivers in their tracks, which will celebrate the new partnership.

Mrs Keddie said: “I think the main benefit will come from tourism and we plan to get a road sign with the two names on it and that will make people stop in their tracks, won’t it?

“The response has been fantastic already and I think that’s because it’s just such a good, light-hearted jokey story. We have had calls from journalists in Canada and Australia and if you Google my name, it’s in Japanese and Chinese as well. It seems to have captured everybody’s imagination.

“We have already seen an increase in visitors to Dull since the news first broke, and I just hope they haven’t been disappointed.”

Tommy Pringle, the secretary of the community council, said: “I think everybody in Dull is absolutely chuffed this is going ahead. I have not heard a negative comment about it all, which in a small village is quite something.

“It will mean a lot more visitors and there are lot more visitors even now. The curious are already calling.”

The Boring Community Planning Council voted unanimously in favour of the new partnership and a declaration, which proudly proclaims: “Be it known throughout the world that: Boring, Oregon USA, and Dull, Perthshire, Scotland, UK, are hereby recognised as paired communities. Boring Oregon & Dull Scotland, a pair for the ages. With this declaration, the following is stated: Sincere wishes for continued freedom, successful commerce, safety and prosperity for each community and its residents.”

Dan Bosserman, a member of the council, declared: “I think this is such a neat story. We’ve been making jokes about living in Boring for the 37 years I’ve lived here. But I think the Dull and Boring thing is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to Boring.”

Bob Boring, 72, the great-grandson of William H Boring, the Civil War veteran who gave the town its name, also enthusiastically endorsed the links with Dull. “Quite frankly, I think this is fun,” he said. “Let’s do it.”