Posters aim to change men’s attitude to rape

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POSTERS aimed at changing attitudes among young men towards rape and sexual assaults are being put up in pubs and nightclubs across West Lothian.

The “We Can Stop It” campaign promotes a recent shift in the law which created a range of new offences relating to sex without consent.

Crimes that previously had not been included, such as sex when a victim is asleep or unconscious, sex without consent through drink or drugs, and male rape now all fall under the legislation.

“We Can Stop It” is targeted at young men aged between 18 and 27-years-old. The posters feature thought-provoking statements from young men acting as positive role models.

Chief Superintendent Jeanette McDiarmid said: “Reducing incidents of rape and sexual assault is a priority for police in West Lothian and educating the local community plays a huge part in this.”