Postman slept in van parked on double yellow lines

The photo of the postie spotted in Melville Street has appeared on the website Edinburgh's Worst Drivers. Picture: comp
The photo of the postie spotted in Melville Street has appeared on the website Edinburgh's Worst Drivers. Picture: comp
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A POSTIE has been snapped snoozing in his van while parked on double yellows – and using a mail sack for a pillow.

The picture, which was uploaded to the website Edinburgh’s Worst Drivers, has prompted a storm of anger and accusations that the dozy postie is “taking advantage”.

He was snapped catching 40 winks in the city’s busy Melville Street at 3.30pm on Tuesday. The picture’s caption reads: “Is it OK to park on double yellows in a Royal Mail van to have a nap?”

A spokesman for the website said: “I know Royal Mail are allowed to stop on double yellow lines to deliver/collect post etc. But not to have a nap.

“To be honest no-one would probably have noticed if he didn’t use his passenger door as a footrest and mail bag for pillow. A few people have commented that this is why my post is always crumpled.”

Many followers of the site expressed anger at the image. One described the driver as an “idiot” and said he had put his own job at risk. He said: “I am sure there are plenty of others out there that would gladly take his job and make more effort.”

However, a number of posters have backed the postie, including a representative of the Communication Workers Union, Tony Westgarth. He wrote: “Working shifts, as many postal workers do, having a quick ten minutes is hardly taking the mickey is it?”

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said: “We are investigating this matter. The driver in question was not collecting from postboxes in the area at the time despite being parked near to one. He was on other collecting duties and was on a break at the time.”


The postman isn’t the first worker to be caught catching up on his beauty sleep while on duty.

In August last year, a trio of tram workers was pictured sunbathing in the road in Shandwick Place, right, prompting angry comments from traders hit by the delayed project.

This came after another snap taken earlier in the year caught a tram worker fast asleep in the cab of his digger.

Back in January 2010, two Lothian and Borders police officers were caught sleeping while on duty in a YouTube video.

The clip, titled “Edinburgh sleeping police”, was captured by a member of the public who came across the pair napping in a patrol car at 5am on the City Bypass at the Lothianburn junction.

Meanwhile, former city Tory group leader Jeremy Balfour was carpeted by council chiefs for playing solitaire during a committee meeting, below. The Evening News revealed in July last year how Councillor Balfour had been caught by the council’s webcam, playing the game on a taxpayer-funded iPad while members of the petitions committee debated banning pavement cycling.