Prince presents city academics with awards

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The Duke of Edinburgh has presented awards to prominent academics in the Capital in recognition of their achievements in science and electronics.

Prince Philip gave out the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s (RSE) highest accolades yesterday, with Dr David Milne and Professor Sir Edwin Southern receiving royal medals while Professor Gerhard Sessler was awarded the James Clerk 
Maxwell Award.

It was the eighth time the Duke has presented the medals, which were introduced by the Queen in 2000 and mark outstanding achievements in all intellectual fields.

RSE president Sir John Arbuthnott said: “It went extremely well, he showed tremendous interest – particularly in the achievements of the outstanding people receiving awards.

“You could see from his demeanour that he really, really enjoyed himself.

“During the tour of the exhibition, he was asking extremely pertinent questions about the Higgs boson particle. He’s a very engaging and widely read person.”