Property repair service in minimalist approach

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A NEW property repair service belonging to Edinburgh City Council which replaces the scandal-hit department that was scrapped amid allegations of bribery and corruption will adopt a “minimalist” approach to highlighted work.

The Shared Repairs Service will fix only a reported fault with a property “even if other work is identified which will need to be done in future”, a fresh report reveals. It comes as the former system faced charges of overcharging for unnecessary work. Under the system, the council would intervene to organise repair work on private properties when the owners of shared buildings could not reach agreement.

The report said: “A more generous approach may well be in the long-term interests of the building and may make greater long-term economic sense for the owners. However, it
may also expose owners to unaffordable costs and the
serious consequences associated with that.”

A council spokesman said: “Councillors will be presented with a number of options regarding the future development of the Shared Repairs Service. These will be considered in more detail at next Thursday’s council meeting.”