Protesters won’t rule out elections

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Protesters occupying St Andrew Square have said they cannot rule out a bid to stand in next year’s council elections.

Occupy Edinburgh campaigners, who want change to the political and economic systems of the UK, have been camping out in the square for more than 40 days.

The movement won the support of councillors at a meeting of the full council on Thursday – the first authority in the UK to endorse the global action.

Asked about the prospect of campaigners standing for the local elections in May, Paul Newton, one of the organisers said: “There is no current agenda to engage in that process. Our goal is to find common ground with what we currently have as elected members of the people but nothing can be ruled in or ruled out.

“It is currently not on the agenda of Occupy Edinburgh worldwide, and particularly in Edinburgh, to usurp or engage in the political process with the goal of usurping the current political process and gain common ground. I can’t foresee the future but I can say that it is not currently on the agenda.”

He also said that they have not set a date for when they will leave the square.