Psychologist: Killer shares traits with Malcolm Webster

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David Gilroy’s behaviour throughout the case shares disturbing characteristics with those of Malcolm Webster, a psychologist has said.

Webster, 52, was convicted of murdering his first wife, Clare Morris, in Aberdeenshire and attempting to kill Felicity Morris in New Zealand. He poisoned them both and staged car crashes, hoping to cash in on their life insurance. He has maintained his innocence and is appealing against conviction.

Psychologist Dr Mary Brown said his behaviour was similar to that of Gilroy, who declined to give evidence, and whom she described as “cold and calculating”.

She said of Webster: “He was completely strategic about it. He admitted financial problems and embezzling money from the women but never admitted murder or attempted murder, to the extent he is now appealing.

“It may be that both these guys have a high level of fantasy and it may be that they actually believe themselves that they didn’t do it.

“There is evidence to suggest that people are able to cut events like that out of their minds and convince themselves that they are innocent.

“The chances are they are both without normal ranges of mental stability and both are psychopaths.”

Dr Brown said Gilroy’s decision not to give evidence was probably a strategy to prevent him losing control.

She added: “We don’t assume the guy next door is a mass murderer and that enables people to get away with it. There is an assumption by friends and colleagues that people don’t do these things.”