Pub regulars rally to save life of popular mascot Holly

For regulars at Brandon's of Canonmills Holly the dog is like one of the family.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 6:00 am
Holly was involved in an accident with a car. Picture: Contributed
Holly was involved in an accident with a car. Picture: Contributed

The Cavachon always accompanies owner Purdie when she goes to work behind the bar and is now a mascot at the popular community pub.

But when Holly was knocked down by a car on the way to help host the pub quiz on Wednesday, regulars knew they had to do something.

The six-year-old sustained a severely fractured pelvis and a broken leg, with her requiring surgery in order to save her life.

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Unable to cover the £5,000 treatment cost, Purdie reluctantly set up an online fundraising page as a last resort.

And she has been left overwhelmed by the generosity of people who stumped up the £5,000 in just 48 hours to save poor Holly, described by Purdie as “my entire world”.

As a result, the popular pub mascot was rushed in for surgery on Saturday with veterinary staff hailing it as a success despite the damage being worse than first feared.

East Neuk Veterinary Surgery kept her for a few days following the operation but she has now been able to return home and is on the road to recovery thanks to kind-hearted residents.

Purdie posted on the GoFundMe page: “She is the best girl and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. She has helped me through really tough times and I couldn’t give up on her.

“My faith couldn’t be higher in humans than it is right now, it really is amazing what you have helped to do here.”

Holly, who has become an attraction at Brandon’s, will now undergo a minimum of three months of rehabilitation and is expected to make a full recovery.

Purdie added: “Her leg was worse than first diagnosed. It was a serious break and numerous fractures so it was a tricky repair for the orthopaedic vet but due to their surgeon being well known for their excellence in this field and having the best equipment to deal with the injury it was as successful as they had hoped it would be.

“Her pelvis was very fractured also but luckily it wasn’t in the weight bearing area so this meant it should heal ok. We still have more vet visits and a minimum of 12 weeks rehabilitation to go but she has been so very lucky.”

Purdie has thanked everyone for their help and support in helping to save her furry friend.

She added: “This outcome would not have been possible if it was not for the generosity of so many lovely people. I cannot thank all the donators, the PDSA and East Neuk Veterinary Surgery and well wishers enough.

“Anything raised over the final amount required will be donated to the PDSA as without them (or you) Holly would most definitely not have made it this far.

“They are so dedicated and do such an amazing job for so many poor wee injured souls. They genuinely care so much about reaching the best outcome for every patient.

“I witnessed first hand just how loving they are to all the in-patients. I will never forget what you all have done for Holly and I, never. I will forever be in your debt.”