Quad parking revelation sparks anger

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A DISABLED woman has spoken of her outrage at an Evening News story about two senior council members regularly parking their cars on the doorstep of the City Chambers.

Political opponents had expressed concerns about deputy council leader Steve Cardownie and economic development leader Tom Buchanan often parking their cars at the City Chambers Quadrangle, which is supposed to only be used by people with legitimate reasons and who have received the consent of the council’s facilities manager.

Dorothy Sutherland, 69, from Leith, said she had asked to park her car, which has a disabled badge, in the quadrangle while she attended a meeting in the City Chambers last year but was told she was not allowed.

She said: “I’m really annoyed that councillors with full mobility can use it but others can’t.

“For them to say they do not know the rules does not make it any better. I blame the person that is allowing this to happen.

“I’m just so annoyed about it and I can’t be the only person this has happened to”