Quiet streets echo with fear

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THE Streets of Gorgie were quiet yesterday as the area continued to be gripped by the legionnaires’ outbreak.

Many local businesses were saying there had been a lack of customers, especially elderly, since the outbreak began.

David Welsh, manager at Poundstretcher, said: “Trade has dropped off a bit, we made £300 less than we normally do yesterday, and it’s been very quiet today.”

Fiona Scroggie, a worker at Hospice of Hope, said: “There are definitely a lot less elderly people around. Usually for the first couple of hours we are open a lot of my favourite customers, mainly older ladies, come in for their Mills and Boon, but they’ve not been in today.”

Liz Douglas at The Salvation Army agreed: “There has been a drop-off in footfall, especially from elderly people. We have a lot of elderly customers so it’s been quite noticeable.

“Lots of our customers have been talking about getting tested, there’s certainly more people going to the doctor.”

Aaron Stewart, an employee at The Bed Store, added: “We’ve seen a complete drop-off in customers.There’s only been one customer in today, and he mentioned legionnaires’.

“I spoke to our window-cleaners this morning, who are all older chaps. They’re a bit panicked because they work all up and down this street.”

He added: “I’m not too worried but I don’t live here. My dad was questioning whether I should come in.”