Quiz: How well do you know Edinburgh?

How well do you know Edinburgh?
How well do you know Edinburgh?
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DO you know your Canongate from your Canonmills? We’ve teamed up with Edinburgh Bus Tours to test your city knowledge, with three fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Simply answer the questions – some are easier than others! – and send the coupon in to the address provided to be in with a chance.

Go to www.surveymonkey.com/s/howwelldoyouknowedinburgh

The first prize is two adult tickets for the Edinburgh Tour, afternoon tea for two at the Caledonian Hotel, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Edinburgh Castle.

Second is two tickets on the Majestic Tour and a behind-the-scenes tour plus Champagne for two people on The Royal Yacht Britannia.

And the third prize is the chance to create your own tour – the winner can design their own route too, lasting up to 90 minutes, and have use of their own bus for their tour with family and friends. Two tickets for the Camera Obscura will be thrown in for good measure. Conditions apply.

Good luck!


Q1. hat meat-based drink that is popular with football fans was created here in Edinburgh by a Canongate butcher?

Q2. What area in Edinburgh did Muriel Spark, the author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, grow up in?

Q3. The Bore Stone is set into the wall outside Morningside Parish Church. In 1513 which monarch raised the Royal Standard in the Bore Stone?

A. Robert the Bruce

B. James IV

C. Mary, Queen of Scots

D. James VII

Q4. The Patrick Geddes steps run from Johnston Terrace to the Wildlife Garden below. Patrick Geddes’ motto was “By Creating We Think. By Living We Learn.” Who was Patrick Geddes?

A. An environmentalist and town planner

B. A soldier who held Edinburgh Castle for Mary, Queen of Scots.

C. A teacher in Castle Hill School

Q5. On Edinburgh’s coat of arms a young girl and a doe stand on either side of an image of Edinburgh Castle. The young girl symbolises the fact that Edinburgh Castle might once have been known as The Castle of The Maidens. What does the doe represent?

Q6. What is the connection between Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden and Platform 11 in Waverley Station?

Q7. Tubal Cain is a biblical character who is the legendary founder of brass and iron making skills. Where in the city would you find a figure of Tubal Cain?

Q8. Which two secondary schools in Edinburgh educated the internationally known jazz saxophonist Tommy Smith?

Q9. What are the names of the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo?

Q10. How many hills does Edinburgh stand on and what are their names?

Q11. What is the name of the film based around the music of The Proclaimers and set in Edinburgh?

Q12. Scotland’s worst ever poet was born in the Cowgate in 1825. What was his name?

Q13. The iconic opening scene of the film Trainspotting features a chase along Princes Street as the characters Mark Renton and Spud are pursued by security guards.

Part A. What football team does Renton support in Trainspotting?

Part B. What is the name of the bar where Renton meets Diane in Trainspotting?

Q14. Where were witches tried in the 16th century?

Q15. The largest and best known of Edinburgh’s sandstone quarries provided the stone to build much of the New Town. The quarry site is now home to a retail park. What was the name of the Quarry?

Q16. What does the word Edinburgh mean?

Q17. Which architect built Charlotte Square?

Q18. How high is the Scott Monument?

Q19: Edinburgh is one of only three places in Scotland with a camera obscura. Name the other


Q20. In which year did Leith become part of Edinburgh?

Q21. How many Members of Parliament does Edinburgh have?

Q22. In which year was Dean Bridge built?

Q24. Where does the Beltane fire festival take place?

Q25. Edinburgh trams first ran from 1871 to when?

A. 1917

B. 1967

C. 1956

Q26. Which is Edinburgh’s oldest building?

A. St Margaret’s Chapel

B. Holyrood Palace

C. John Knox House

Q27. When was the New Town first designed?

A. 1836

B. 1563

C. 1767

Q28. Where in Edinburgh was the MTV Europe awards held in 2003?

Q29. Where was last year’s Andy Warhol exhibition held?

Q30. What is Edinburgh’s partner city?