Race crime in Scotland increases by 10 per cent

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RACIST incidents have risen by ten per cent in Scotland, despite crime being at a 37-year low, new figures have revealed.

The number of recorded racist incidents has risen from 4,877 to 5.349 in 2011/12.

At the same time the number of crimes or offences which were racially motivated went up from 6,109 to 6,622. Domestic abuse – like racism – has risen, going up from 54,752 in 2010/11, to 59,690 last year.

The detection rate for racist crimes also rose from 67 to 69 per cent, which is higher than the detection rate for all crimes, which has remained stubbornly at 49 per cent, despite the Scottish Government putting 1000 extra police on the street.

The Scottish Government has admitted the rise is “hugely disappointing”.

The figures are included in the Scottish Policing Performance Framework report.