Rape crisis centre makes last-ditch funding appeal

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RAPE crisis workers have made an urgent appeal for donations in a bid to stave off financial problems.

The Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, in Leopold Place, faces a 50 per cent cut in funding by March, threatening its ability to provide a vital support and information service for survivors of sexual violence.

Last year EWRASAC delivered 2334 face-to-face support sessions and recorded 1432.5 hours of helpline support, responding to 2601 calls, an average of 27.5 hours per 

It costs, on average, £87.27 to provide a service to each victim of rape or sexual abuse who contacts the service.

One user said: “The support I received has helped me to get my life back on track. I often found it difficult to function before, even in normal everyday situations but the support helped with all that, and coping with life is a lot easier.”

To donate £10, text “ERCC12 £10” to 70070, or to give £5, text “WIMN12 £5”.